Religion and Digital culture

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Where ? Brussels, Belgium

When ? Wednesday ,March 21  2018


The new digital culture has tremendously changed our everyday life. It has revolutionized the ways how we think, we believe, we communicate, or we socialize. The digital media have pervaded all aspects of our life, to the extent that a considerable number of people are now developing what is known as digital addiction. While internet has become a space where endless quantities of information are uploaded and downloaded, we need to ask ourselves if it offers a framework of knowledge that enables one to know what one is looking for and to understand what one is looking at.

By organizing this conference on Religion in the Age of Digital Culture, the Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace aims to provide a platform to analyse the impact of digitalization on spiritual experiences. It is of a fundamental importance to explore how religions are coping with the challenges of social media and to hint, at the same time, at the many opportunities these media present for a better understanding between different constituents of the diverse society where we live.


Main Discussants :

  • David Fieldsend, attaché to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative to the EU based at the diocesan bishop’s office in Brussels
  • Francesco Di Lillo, Head of Office European Union Office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Frank-Dieter Fischbach, Executive Secretary Conference of European Churches

Moderator :

- Khalid Hajji, President of Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace

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