Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace (BFWWP)

Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace (BFWWP) is an independent non-profit institution based in Brussels. It will contribute to opening a new space of research and a platform of dialogue with the aim of binding together European citizens from different religions and non-religious or non-confessional philosophies for a common cause: World Peace.

Founded in 2015, the Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace invites intellectuals, researchers, representatives of religions and non-confessional groups and organizations, members of civil society, key leaders, governments and institutions throughout the world to open dialogue and candid debate.

The Forum organizes conferences, roundtables and workshops in Brussels and internationally on its own or with partners. It offers training opportunities to engage and empower stakeholders in peace building.

To contribute for confronting the critical challenges to world peace, the Forum releases books, papers, reports and other research outputs.

To sustain its independence and impartiality, the Forum counts on the funding of generous contributors—foundations, corporations and individuals—committed to the vision of a peaceful world.

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