What is happening? Why is it happening? How to prevent it from happening again?

These fundamental questions need urgent answers.

What is happening? We are going through a real crisis of meaning. We can hardly make any sense of what is going on around us. New and old media forms are a long way off helping us fathom out the complexities behind migrants’ tragedies, armed conflicts, or terrorist attacks, all which wreak havoc in our world today. We are doomed to gaze passively at streams of gory images and selfies devoid of any intellectual energy or pertinent analysis.

Why is it happening? More than ever before, it has become both essential and critical that we understand the reasons and causes behind the scenes that unfold before our very eyes. Accurate analysis and deep insight are both necessary for us if we want to outgrow our role of passive spectator, and instead make a positive contribution to changing the course of events.

How to prevent it from happening again? Beyond the apprehension of what is happening and why it is happening, it is of a vital importance to engage in intellectual reflection and discussion with stakeholders in order to devise ways and means on how to prevent such terrible incidents from happening again. Moral responsibility and intellectual integrity should dictate that we focus all our efforts on deconstructing the catastrophic, murderous logic of determinism, according to which “enemies of yesterday will be enemies of tomorrow”. A genuine approach to world affairs requires the opening of a new mindset.

We live in difficult times, times where globalization and migration have brought peoples from different religions and with different world views to live together, compelling them thus to continuously rethink the relationship between their belonging and believing. In this context we believe that more and more people are experiencing religion as a source of problems and a burden, not as a lever towards a form of comforting transcendence. Inexorably, this experience of faith feeds into the discontent caused by the conditions of modern life and which also contributes to the exacerbation of bellicose passions in civilization.

Accordingly, our task must be to work with others to educate the discontented generations into new conceptions of faith, belief, and religion. Our prospects for a better future require building an inclusive view of the world, one which will enable followers of religious and secular ideologies to merge into a harmonious whole away from the existing devastating discourses of exclusion and hatred. This is what we call the elevation of the human mind to the realm of wisdom, enabling anyone and everyone outgrow inherited certitudes and perceptions of the self and the other.

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